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Google: Voeg je site toe.
Belangrijk: Google ververst z'n' index met regelmaat, dus het kenbaar maken van een dode link verdwenen of verhuisde site is niet nodig. Dode links zullen vanzelf wegvallen uit onze index bij de eerstvolgende crawl wanneer we onze hele index weer verversen.
Add a website property Search Console Help.
More about verification. If your site supports multiple protocols http//: and https//, you must add each as a separate site. Similarly, if you support multiple domains for example,, and you must add each one as a separate site.
How to add a site.
How to add a site. For a site to be shown in Yandex search, the Yandex robot has to index it. If other external sites contain links to your site, you don't' need to add your site, because it will be discovered automatically and indexed.
Add a page to a site Office Support.
You must be a site owner or SharePoint administrator to add pages. If you are a site owner but you are unable to add a page, your administrator may have turned off the ability to do so. This article applies to modern pages in SharePoint Online.
How To Add Your Website To Google Search Console Yoast Knowledge Base.
Go to Google Search Console former Google Webmaster Tools, sign into your Google account and click the red button to add your website. Once youve clicked the button to add your site, just type your websites URL in the box.
Bing Suggérez votre site à Bing.
En continuant à naviguer sur ce site, vous acceptez cette utilisation. Accéder à la page daccueil de Bing. En savoir plus Dismiss. Suggérez votre site à Bing. Suggérez votre site à Bing. Outil Vérifier Bingbot. Conseils pour envoyer les Sitemaps.
Add Site or Add URL to Submit Site to
Use the main navigation to browse our sub-categories until you find the best one for your website. Once you have found the best category for your website, Click Add Site in the top menu bar of the page to add site.
Adding Filling Sites User Manual.
When this completes, LastPass will confirm how many sites were added during the process, and how many reminders you need to set for those you opted not to add. Under Save a Site on User Manual homepage, add reference of Inbox Importer and link to section above.:

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