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Just use indention for deeper levels. This is a list The second item You may have different levels Another item The same list but ordered Another item Just use indention for deeper levels That's' it. Also take a look at the FAQ on list items. DokuWiki can convert certain pre-defined characters or strings into images or other text or HTML. The text to image conversion is mainly done for smileys.
Links in HTML documents.
HTML offers many of the conventional publishing idioms for rich text and structured documents, but what separates it from most other markup languages is its features for hypertext and interactive documents. This section introduces the link or hyperlink, or Web link, the basic hypertext construct. A link is a connection from one Web resource to another.
Angular Docs.
Link Relations.
For implications of use in HTML, see: http// Refers to further information about the link's' context, expressed as a LRDD Link-based" Resource Descriptor Document" resource. See RFC6415 for information about processing this relation type in host-meta documents. When used elsewhere, it refers to additional links and other metadata. Multiple instances indicate additional LRDD resources. LRDD resources MUST have an application/xrdxml" representation, and MAY have others. The Target IRI points to a Memento, a fixed resource that will not change state anymore. A Memento for an Original Resource is a resource that encapsulates a prior state of the Original Resource. Refers to a resource that can be used to monitor changes in an HTTP resource. Refers to a resource that can be used to monitor changes in a specified group of HTTP resources. Indicates that the link's' context is a part of a series, and that the next in the series is the link target.
PHP: header Manual.
AVOID ZERO BYTE ORDER MARK! Header MUST be sent before EVERYTHING in the page. Even a single space will break your script. In my case, there was BOM setted in the encoding, so I opened the file with notepad and set the encoding to UTF-8 no BOM and voila, everything is working great now. 9 years ago. The encoding of a file is discovered by the Content-Type, either in the HTML meta tag or as part of the HTTP header. Thus, the server and browser does not need nor expect a Unicode file to begin with a BOM mark. BOMs can confuse nix systems too. More info at http// On another note: Safari can display CMYK images at least the OS X version, because it uses the services of QuickTime.
How to Link to a Specific Line or Paragraph on a Web Page Using HTML
How to Link to a Specific Line or Paragraph on a Web Page Using HTML. by Christopher Heng, Linking to another page on the Internet is pretty much a standard part of designing a website, so much so that it is included as a basic skill in any course on creating a website.

Apache 2.4 authenticate anonymous users but allow others by IP. A single word synonym for A" person not to mess with." Did hominids and non-avian dinosaurs ever coexist? I'm' afraid of chemicals. How do I handle my required uni biology class?
Add gadgets, scripts more to Classic Sites Sites Help.
If you want to link to a part of your page that isn't' a header, you can add anchor links to your page. On a computer, open a site in Classic Google Sites. Go to the page with the content you want to link to and click Edit HTML.
Embeds WordPress Codex.
To embed a video or another object into a post or page, place its URL into the content area. Make sure the URL is on its own line and not hyperlinked clickable when viewing the post. Check out this cool video: http// That was a cool video. WordPress will automatically turn the URL into a YouTube embed and provide a live preview in the visual editor. Another option is to wrap the URL in the embed Shortcode. embed width123" height456http// If WordPress fails to embed the URL, the post will contain a hyperlink to the URL. The easy embedding feature is mostly powered by oEmbed, a protocol for site A such as your blog to ask site B such as YouTube for the HTML needed to embed content from site B.
Make your page discoverable AMP.
How AMP pages are cached. Convert HTML to AMP. Add advanced AMP features. Interactivity Dynamic content. Make your page discoverable. Linking pages with link. What if I only have one page? Integrate with third-party platforms through additional metadata. Use for most search engines.
Markdown Cheatsheet adam-p/markdown-here Wiki GitHub.
Markdown Here supports highlighting for dozens of languages and not-really-languages, like diffs and HTTP headers; to see the complete list, and how to write the language names, see the highlight.js demo page. Inline code has back-ticks around it. Inline code has back-ticks around it. Blocks of code are either fenced by lines with three back-ticks, or are indented with four spaces. I recommend only using the fenced code blocks they're' easier and only they support syntax highlighting. javascript var s JavaScript" syntax highlighting" alerts; python s Python" syntax highlighting" print s' No language indicated, so no syntax highlighting. But let's' throw in a btag/b.' var s" JavaScript syntax highlighting" alert s.; s" Python syntax highlighting" print s. No language indicated, so no syntax highlighting in Markdown Here varies on Github. But let's' throw in a btag/b. Tables aren't' part of the core Markdown spec, but they are part of GFM and Markdown Here supports them. They are an easy way of adding tables to your email a task that would otherwise require copy-pasting from another application.
Writing posts jekyll.
All posts must have YAML Front Matter, and they will be converted from their source format into an HTML page that is part of your static site. Creating Post Files. To create a new post, all you need to do is create a file in the _posts directory. How you name files in this folder is important. Jekyll requires blog post files to be named according to the following format.: Where YEAR is a four-digit number, MONTH and DAY are both two-digit numbers, and MARKUP is the file extension representing the format used in the file. For example, the following are examples of valid post filenames.: ProTip: Link to other posts.

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